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[TAC] Bot Arrestor - Product specifications

[TAC] Bot Arrestor mitigates bots, sidelining the bots so they cannot continue to assail the forum
[TAC] Bot Arrestor
Bots that assail your forum for malicious purposes, repeatedly interact with your forum in a sustained and resource draining manner. This could be as they scrape your content, or try to register so they can spam. Not only does your forum suffer when they succeed in these acts, but their sustained attempts slow down the forum for everyone else.

[TAC] Bot Arrestor mitigates this, sidelining the bots so they cannot continue to assail the forum.

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  • Lowers bandwidth & database resource usage from spam bots, scrapers, and non-distributed denial-of-service attacks.
  • Allows spiders/crawlers like Google to continue unaffected.
  • Dynamically synchronises the .htaccess file, for a truly ‘zero query’ method of stopping bots from hammering your forum.
  • Uses JavaScript detection to remove users from the cache (avoiding false positives).
  • Ignores logged in users.

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XenForo 1
WebMachine Tech.
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3 Months
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