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[WMTech] Unconfirmed Account Reminder - Product specifications

Send reminder e-mails to unconfirmed accounts and prune them if not confirmed
[WMTech] Unconfirmed Account Reminder
If you run a forum where you require your new members to confirm their e-mail address (as each cautious forum owner should do) you will see that many new accounts will not be confirmed and sit in your system forever.

This product enables reminder mails to be sent to those members to ask them to confirm their email address. It also sends daily status reports to the forum admin showing which members have been reminded and which member accounts are unconfirmed.

It is also possible to have accounts automatically deleted, when not confirmed within the days you set up as the limit for it.

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  • Adjustable account confirmation cutoff time (days)
  • Sends 2 reminder mails to unconfirmed members during cutoff time
  • Sends daily status reports of unconfirmed accounts to forum admin
  • Optionally deletes all unconfirmed accounts after cutoff time

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XenForo 2
WebMachine Tech.
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3 Months
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