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Yugensoft / Tenants Products Take Over


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Dear Customers,

we are happy to announce tat we have acquired all XenForo add-on products from Yugensoft.

Most of Yugensoft's XF1 products are already available in our store. Some of them have been developed by Tenants originally and all of them are very matured products well known to work perfectly with XF1.

Since XF1 will end its development life itself at the end of 2019, no XF1 product sold by us will receive further feature development. Paid products will however be supported for the time being and receive updates, if needed. We know that many (most of them very large) forums still run XF1. So we'll continue to support our XF1 customers until further notice.

We will start offering XF2 products starting early 2020. At that time we will also restart to sell most of Yugensoft's XF2 products (Optional Forums, Post Guard, Stripe Full, etc.) as well. Some of them currently do not support XF2.1, but they will once we restart selling them.

Regarding existing Yugensoft customers and license holders:
We received a list of current license holders (email address, date, product) from Yugensoft.

To cover our privacy policy: If you do not want us to have the email address on your license, please open a support ticket and ask for removal. Then we'll delete all your data and won't send you any information about your Yugensoft license or bother you in any other way.

All other license holders will be offered to renew their license for the price we will charge for renewal of the product originally licensed, as soon as we start to sell the product in our store. You won't need to repurchase your license again. You will however need to register at our support site and proof your existing license to us. This will happen manually, so please expect some time for processing. Once you are registered as a license holder at our site you may purchase any renewals and open support tickets at any time.

There may also be Yugensoft products we won't continue to offer. Those licenses can be continued to be used by you according the original license agreement as purchased from Yugensoft. There won't however be any (free) support from us or any renewals available. A list of those discontinued Yugensoft products will be made available at our web site soon.

Welcome at WMTech, Yugensoft customers!