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XenForo 1 Add-on License Check Process - Information


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All our XenForo 1 add-ons feature a hidden url at your site to enable us to check a website for a valid license of our add-on(s). According to our license agreement this url must be accessible all the time and cannot be protected in any way. A license is only valid, if this url can be called and verified by us.

If the license check url is called, XML data is provided which includes the following non-confidential data:
  • The domain name of your site (from the url called)
  • All add-ons from us installed at the site with the following data only:
    • the add-on id
    • the add-on version
    • the add-on branding removal license
This is an example screenshot from the output:


We have taken all precautions to make this feature as secure as possible. There is no way a malicious person can use this information to harm your site. Also no information is provided that cannot be parsed from the regular source code of your web site also.

We use this license check url to programmatically check sites for valid licenses of our products. If we detect a site with one of our add-ons installed and cannot access or check the license with this url the license is invalid and legal action may be taken to protect our intellectual property.

Thank you for your understanding.
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