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[wmtech] Youtube Integration Essentials Updated (version 1.1.3)

Discussion in 'Official Announcements' started by wmtech, Sep 1, 2015.

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  1. wmtech

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    > Version 1.1.3 <
    Code Optimization, New Features & Bugfix Release

    This upgrade s recommended for all customers.


    NEW: Added the new YouTube embed style (option to continue to use the old style available)

    NEW: Links to YouTube and EasyTube now open in a new window

    BUGFIX: Enhanced Playlist Support

    BUGFIX: Removed occasional grey background embeds (sometimes occurring immediately after posting)

    BUGFIX: Rare fatal error if FrontController is not registered (thx to @Pezreo)

    BUGFIX: Restore of default YouTube BB media code failed occasionally at uninstall

    Upgrade Instructions:
    [wmtech] Youtube Integration Essentials - Manual, Instructions & Installation / Upgrade Guide

    We strongly recommend to use the "File Health Check" tool from your ACP after updating to check for any errors!

    What's New?
    • Added New YouTube Embed Style
    • Links To YouTube Open In A New Window
    • Enhanced Playlist Support
    • No Grey Backgrounds After Posting
    • Fixed Restoring Of Default YouTube Code After Uninstall

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