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[wmtech] Youtube Integration Essentials Updated (version 1.1.2)


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> Version 1.1.2 <
Enhancement and minor bugfix update.
This upgrade is recommended for all customers.


New: Enhanced and optimized the detection of videos which are deleted at YouTube at the time the caching is requested and added support for French, Spanish and German languages for the error messages.

Bugfix: "strtolower" error fixed (thx to FredC)

Upgrade Instructions:

Please upload all files from the "upload" directory in our package to the root of your XenForo installation overwriting all existing files. Also run the update XML from your ACP. We recommend to use the "File Health Check" tool from your ACP after updating to check for any errors.
See instructions at
[wmtech] Youtube Integration Essentials - Manual, Instructions & Installation / Upgrade Guide

What's New:
  • Enhanced and optimized detection of deleted videos
  • Support for French, Spanish and German error messages
  • Minor Bugfix