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[wmtech] Youtube Integration Essentials - How To Get A Google Youtube Api Key

Discussion in '[WMTech] YouTube Integration Essentials' started by wmtech, May 16, 2015.

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    How To Get A Google YouTube API Key?

    1. If you do not already own one, register a new Google account.

    2. Go to Google Developer Console and log in with your Google account.

    3. Click on 'Create Project' and:
      * Fill in a Project Name (eg. "YOUR-WEBSITE-YT-API")
      * Fill in a Project ID (or accept the default id)
      * Click on 'Create'

    4. On the next page (or when there is no next page, click on your Project's name):
      * Click on 'Enable an API'
      * Scroll down to "YouTube Data API" and click on it
      * Click on 'Activate API' at the top to enable the API
      * Optionally disable other API's after clicking at "Activated APIs"

    5. In the sidebar on the left:
      * Click on 'Credentials'
      * Click on 'Create new Key' under "Public API Access"
      * Click on 'Server Key'
      * Leave the box with whitelisted IP's empty
      * Click on 'Create'
      * NOTE: There is no need to create a Client-ID

    6. Copy your API key to the options page for [WMTech] YouTube Integration Essentials in your XenForo ACP.

    Will This Add-On Work If I Don't Provide an API Key?

    Yes, with some exceptions; this add-on will continue to work, rendering YouTube players, but without the title and microdata (description, time, etc.). The video thumbnail will be locally cached even without an API key.

    Is there an instruction video?

    See the Google instruction video on how to obtain an API key here:
    Obtaining a developer key for the YouTube Data...
    Watch this video on YouTube or on Easy YouTube.

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