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[wmtech] User Self Delete Lite Updated (version 1.1.1)


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This version provides 2 important bug fixes that are necessary if you ever uninstall this add-on. We recommend to upgrade!

We also reworked the Self Delete User Log in ACP. Since the "Clear Log" feature was never coded for this add-on and thus removed in the last version, the log could only be cleared manually in the database (you needed to be an expert to do this). From this version on we no longer store any requests of already deleted users in the log. This is why the log was renamed to "Pending User Deletion Log". Also, since requests are no longer in the log file after being processed the log anonymizer features have been removed.

The file path of the add-on has been changed in this version. After the upgrade, you may delete the directory "/library/UserSelfDelete" from your server, as it is no longer needed.

We also did some adaptions for compatibility with our just released brand new, highly optimized coded [WMTech] User Self Delete PRO add-on.

What's New?
  • Fixed bug with add-on not removing its table from the database when uninstalled
  • Fixed bug with add-on not removing its permissions when uninstalled
  • Other minor Bugfixes
  • Changed log handling, no longer stores processed requests
  • Changed label from "User Self Delete Log" to "Pending User Deletion Log"
  • Removed log anonymizer options since all processed log entries are removed
  • Changed file path location of the add-on