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[wmtech] User Block Users - New Product Released !


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We are proud to announce the release of our new product

[WMTech] User Block Users

This add-on allows users at your forum to totally block another user. It provides an valuable extension to the default XenForo user ignore feature.

A user blocking another user is totally hidden towards the blocked user and the blocked user is also totally hidden from the blocking user. This includes all content they may have created at your forum.

The user blocking the other user can release the block at any time after which all content of the 2 users will reappear and can be seen again by both of them.

There is a permission to allow the admin to give the "Blocking" permission to certain user groups or even single users only.

There are options to allow the admin to favor the general use of "User Blocking" over the default use of "User Ignoring" at his board, to change the links and title of the user ignore management page in account settings and to disable the possibility of unhiding hidden content for all or just those users who are allowed to use the blocking feature.

Code Quality Guarantee:
We guarantee that our add-ons are coded very carefully and thoughtfully by professional PHP, JS & MySQL programmers. The code is robust and written with performance and reliability in mind. It has been tested extensively before being released and can be used even at large forum installations.
We also guarantee that our add-on does NOT use and does NOT include any callbacks. It does not ever transfer any of your data to a foreign server!

You can find screenshots and general informations about this brand new product in our Products section:
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You can discuss this add-on and make suggestions about it's progress in the dedicated support forum where you can also find valuable additional information (such like a manual):
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