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[wmtech] Realtime Chat Converstions - New Product Released !


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We are proud to announce the release of our new product

[WMTech] Realtime Chat Conversations

This add-on converts the default XenForo conversation feature for your members to a full and smart personal chat messenger like experience.

It provides Simple, Personal & Real Time Messaging for your members at your web site.

New conversation messages of all participants are loaded on the fly and inserted into the page via AJAX without needing to reload it. Even edited messages are recognized immediately and automatically shown to all recipients of a conversation.

There are options to remove the default pagination and to design the conversation view page in a very reduced, condensed way, creating a truly real-time chat experience like in all the other messaging software you and your members know (Facebook, WhatsApp, Yahoo, etc).

This add-on does not disable any of the regular or extended features of default XenForo conversations. Your members still can link to a specific message in a conversation and open a page in the middle of a long conversation. They are now also able to directly load older or newer messages of the conversation on the fly, without reloading the page.

New or edited messages from other participants appear in a different background color to draw attention to them. You can select how the different background color will be faded out automatically or to fade it out after mouse over only.

Also all messages you don't have written yourself are marked with a thick colored border. This makes it easy for your members to differentiate between them and messages they've written themselves.

Your members can switch between the condensed/reduced and the regular conversation view any time. They also are able to activate the default pagination links at any time, if they need it or got lost in a long conversation.

This is a must-have add-on for all professional XenForo boards who want to attract their members with a smart and attractive way of real time personal messaging.

Code Quality Guarantee:
We guarantee that our add-ons are coded very carefully and thoughtfully by professional PHP, JS & MySQL programmers. The code is robust and written with performance and reliability in mind. It has been tested extensively before being released and can be used even at large forum installations.
We also guarantee that our add-on does NOT use and does NOT include any callbacks. It does not ever transfer any of your data to a foreign server!

You can find screenshots and general informations about this brand new product in our Products section:
[WMTech] Live Chat Conversations Product Description

You can discuss this add-on and make suggestions about it's progress in the dedicated support forum where you can also find valuable additional information (such like a manual):
[WMTech] Live Chat Conversations Product Forums
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