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[wmtech] Realtime Chat Conversations - Demo Information

Discussion in '[WMTech] Realtime Chat Conversations' started by wmtech, Feb 13, 2015.

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  1. wmtech

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    Instructions to try out Realtime Chat Conversations:
    1. Open your browser and log into our site with your regular user name
    2. Open another browser (not just another window or tab!). If you don't have another browser installed at your computer, download Chrome or Firefox and install it.
    3. Log into our site with the other browser using "Demo" as the user name and "demo" as the password.
    4. Now start a conversation in any of the browsers with the user of the other browser and test all the features and functionality of [WMTech] Realtime Chat Conversations.
    5. Once you are ready, log out with the "Demo" user and close the second browser. If you've installed it, you may uninstall it now.
    PLEASE NOTE: The "Demo" user will be reset hourly with all conversations deleted.
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