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[wmtech] Content Downloader - Installation, Upgrade & Usage Instructions


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Welcome to WMTech Quality Add-Ons!
We care about our products!


We recommend the use of an automated installation and upgrade system.

All our XenForo 2 products can be installed or upgraded using [TH] Install & Upgrade.
You can find detailed instructions how to use it >>>HERE<<<.

  1. Download the add-on from our products section after licensing it for your forum(s). Please note, that we are enforcing our license. Please do not download, if you don't agree to it!
  2. Upload everything from the "upload" directory in our software package into your web servers forum directory.
  3. Go to your Xenforo Admin Control Panel (XF ACP) (ACP >Add-Ons > Add-Ons) and you will find the add-on under "Installable add-ons" or "Upgradeable add-ons" (if this is an upgrade).
  4. Click at "Install" or "Upgrade" to start the process.
  5. Access "ACP > Home > Options > [WMTech] Content Downloader" to check and setup the options of this add-on.
If this was a new installation: Now you can enjoy our add-on at your board!
If this was an upgrade: This completes an upgrade process and refreshes your board with the enhanced power of a new version.

Special Installation Instructions (e.g. interactions with other add-ons):
  • None
Special Upgrade Instructions:
  • None


Available Options in ACP:

Home > Options > [WMTech] Content Downloader
  • Maximum Content for Download
    Using our product, your users can download any thread, conversation or all messages of a user. This could potentially be a very large volume of data. Depending on your server resources the processing of such a download request may sometimes be too much for your server, slowing it down. This is why you have this option. Setup how many messages the downloaded content may include at most. Larger threads, conversations or user content cannot be downloaded and will result in an error message to the user. The default is 1000 messages, which almost any server should be able to process without problems.
    Default: 1000, Minimum: 100, Maximum: 10000

  • Download as PDF or HTML
    Select which file type your users receive if they request a download. If you choose "HTML" a regular HTML file will be provided. If you choose "PDF" a PDF file will be provided and you can also choose its format and orientation below. Processing a PDF file puts more load at the server and will take a little bit longer compared to a HTML file. We we recommend selecting HTML, if you have a small server or setup a high number of downloadable content above.
    Default: HTML

  • PDF Format of Download
    Here you find some format options for the PDF file. Popular US and EU formats are available.
    Default: A4

  • PDF Orientation of Download
    Your PDF file could be in Portrait or Landscape orientation, which you can select here.
    Default: Portrait

Available Permissions in ACP:
The following permissions are available for your user groups, forum nodes and members:
  • User's entire content is downloadable
    The content of any member with that permission can be downloaded, if the member has permission to download.

  • User can download other users entire content
    This member is allowed to download content of other members, if their content is allowed to be downloaded.

  • User can download own entire content
    This member can download his/her own content only.

  • Forum - Can download thread content
    This member can download any thread content. You also can set this permission per forum node to selectively in- or exclude some forum nodes from being allowed to download threads.

  • Conversation - Can download conversation content
    This member can download any of his conversations content.

Available Cron Jobs in ACP:
ACP > Tools > Cron entries
  • None

Available Phrases and Templates in ACP:
ACP > Appearance > Templates
  • All public and admin templates of this add-on start with "wmt_cd_" The name of the templates is always self-explanatory.
ACP > Appearance > Template Modifications
  • This add-on uses several template modifications for the front and back end (ACP) of XenForo. All template modifications are VERY IMPORTANT for this add-on to be able to work. They are designed for the default style only! If you use any custom style, please check if all modifications have been applied correctly by looking at the numbers in the right column of the line with the modification name. If there is a grey or red number, the modification could not be applied thus deactivating some or even all features of this add-on. Contact us or your style designer to solve those issues!
Appearance > Phrases
  • All phrases of this add-on start with "wmt_cd_" The name of the phrases is always self-explanatory.

Available Actions in XenForo Public Forum Web Site:
  • Download Content
    Button or action link shown at each thread, conversation or member profile / member card, which is permitted to be downloaded.

(feel free to copy this text to your forums help page)

At this forum you are able to download content to your local computer to back it up locally or read it later offline. To download just click at the button "Download Content" which you can find at the top of conversation pages, member profiles and member cards and also in the dropdown menu with "more options" at the top of each thread page.

After clicking, wait a short moment until a download will start with the requested content to be saved at your computer.