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Website Upgrade to XF2


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Dear WebMachine customers and friends,

our web site has been upgraded to XenForo 2.1 in preparation to our XF 2.1 product releases.

We also switched the software for our online store from Xen Product Manager to Dragonbyte's eCommerce solution. All orders, licenses and downloads have been imported and you should be able to purchase new licenses and download your products as before. For new orders we have to charge VAT now, but you can give your VAT exemption number to be exempted from paying this tax.

We also can no longer provide demo installations of our XF1 add-ons, which continue to be supported and available for purchase. They are fully maintained and bug fix releases may be published if needed. However, XF1 products do not receive any feature updates any more.

There will also be some polishing work going on at this web site for the next days. But it should be ready soon and beside of some broken links nothing will downgrade your visitor experience here.

Thanks for your visit and business!

WMTech Team