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Suggestion about finer rights management in Attachment Manager Pro


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it would be real helpfull, when we have the ability to restrict membergroups this way, so they can delete or overwrite own attachments only in from admin pre-selected nodes. I think thats much better, than giv a member the ability to delete all own attachments and destroy so many threads or to overwrite own attachments and bring so the admin in trouble with law when new attachments are not legal.

A setting of per node basis like: "own attachments can be deleted by member" and a second one like "own attachments can be rewrited by member" would be real helpfull.

So we can give the member the ability in forums like smaltalk or some not so weighted stuff, but prevent them in forums with technical articles or lexicon entrys or similar higher weighted content.

Nice to hear what you think about this. :)