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Some Licensing And Pre Sales Questions


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For unknown reaswon, my account have 2 licence for same add-on (Double post merge). Could you please investigate that? ;)

Also, couple of questions:
  • Ticket support is closed couse error from today; hypothetically speaking how to ask for help for some add-on in add-on subforum when there is title NO INDIVIDUAL SUPPORT HERE - PLS OPEN TICKET.
  • Is add-on subforum open to use for users whos buy that addon? Couse, I can not open new thread in some addon subforums
  • I am willing to buy your add on [WMTech] Attachment Manager. I am going to use my wife paypal account, is that will be problem? After purchase, add on will be delivered through paypal email or I could download it on your site here?
  • Is there any chance that user put same attachment image in another post in attachment thumbnail mode, couse what I see on your screenshot, there is only image bbcode available?
  • And last one, could you please tell me am I verified to buy on this site, or am I missing some required option to fulfil :)



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you can have an unlimited number of licenses for each of our products. In fact, you even need 1 license per installation (XenForo board).
If you have created a second license unintentionally you don't need to activate it.

Ticket support has been reopened some hours ago. Support forums are for general discussion, suggestions and common help only. Individual support for licensed customers during their support period is handled with tickets only for privacy reasons.

Support forums for premium add-ons (paid) are open for customers only. The forum for our free add-ons is open for everyone who had downloaded a free add-on. There is also a "Pre Sales Questions" forum open for everyone registered at our site.

You can pay for the shopping cart with any PayPal account you have access to. After purchase you'll get access to the download here. Nothing will be delivered via email.

It is currently not possible with XenForo to reuse an attachment as another attachment without copying (reupload) it. This is because attachments get assigned permissions and those permissions depend on the post the attachment is included. This is why we need to use the IMG code.

You have the "XF Licensee" badge, so you are able to purchase and download anything you want. ;)