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Regarding Php 7 Compatibility


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Dear customers,

as you may have heard, PHP 7 has been released after a successful beta phase to be the PHP version officially recommended to be used at all servers.

PHP 7 is a huge update with several advantages to the PHP 5 series. It is much more performant (up to tripple speed) and uses much less resources on your server (up to only one third) compared to the previous version.

We expect PHP 7 to be quickly deployed at most hosts and servers because of those advantages.

You will be happy to hear that almost all of our add-ons are already fully compatible with PHP 7!

The only add-on which is not compatible by now is "Social Share Privacy" where we use a third party plugin which needs some more time to release a compatible version. But we expect "Social Share Privacy" to be updated within the next weeks.