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Purchase And Download Process - Information


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If you want to license and download add-ons from our web site (even free ones), the following process needs to be walked through.
  1. Be sure your user account profile has all the personal information entered we need to be able to license an add-on to you. We need your real personal or registered company name (stays confidential), your date of birth (or registration date of company), your email address and your country of location.
  2. Be sure you have been validated to us as a XenForo license owner. This validation can easily be done using the validation tools in our account settings section.
  3. Select the add-on you want to use at your site and click at "Buy This Product" in the products information page. This will put this product into your shopping cart.
  4. You can optionally continue to browse our products and enter any number of additional products into your shopping cart if you like. If you need an add-on for several different forums you own, please be sure to buy the correct amount of licenses (even with free products).
  5. Once you've finished shopping, click to show your shopping cart and verify it's content. Please note, even with free products, you need 1 license per XenForo board you intend to use an add-on!
  6. Click at "Purchase Products" to start the payment process. Before you are allowed to do this, you've to accept our License Agreement and confirm that you've read and understand it.
    If you have any premium products in your cart you will be redirected to Paypal (or a Stripe popup appears) where you can enter your payment details (PayPal or any credit card is accepted).
    If you only have free products in your cart, the payment process is automatically skipped.
  7. Once your purchase has been successfully finished, you'll find your new licenses in the "You Licenses" area in the "Products" section.
  8. Before you can download the add-on you need to activate your license and enter the URL of your XenForo board where you intend to use your product.
    IMPORTANT: Even with free products, you need 1 license per XenForo forum! It is not allowed to use any of our products without a license for the specific board!
  9. Download and install the files at your server (see installation instruction of the purchased product).
We hope you understand that we need to have a legally correct licensing process for our premium and also our free add-ons and do no longer provide anonymous licenses. Whereas some products are free, they are also bound to our license agreement which you accept by purchasing and/or downloading any add-on from us.

Our professionally coded add-ons are distributed by a professional purchase process. Sorry, if tis is a little bit more complicated compared to just click at "Download" at XenForo.com.