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We are proud to announce the opening of our new support and sales web site for our XenForo quality add-ons.

We prepared some forums to support and discuss our premium and free add-ons. You also can find a forum for pre sales questions and even one for off-topic (non add-on) talk. Of course an area to demo our products can also be found.

Our ticket system is ready for individual and confidential support to our customers. It includes a knowledge base (FAQ) where you can find answers to the most frequent questions regarding our add-ons quickly.

The "Products" section is a showcase of our products. You can get all details and screenshots of our add-ons. You even can buy it immediatelly and pay via PayPal. A Stripe payment option will be added soon.

Whereas you can register an account for our site without any verification, you need to identify yourself and proof your XenForo license before you can download or purchase anything from us. We hope you understand the need to know our customers before we can license you one of our products.

To identify yourself we need the following personal data from you: Your real name, your date of birth and your country of living. We guarantee to never show your real name in public. If you like there is an option to show your birthday in public, which is off by default.

You also need to proof your XenForo license to us using the provided validation feature in your account settings. We do not store your license token or your site domain.

We wish you (and us) a lot of success with our high-quality add-ons and our new web site!