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Important Information for XF 1 products license holders


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Dear WebMachine customers,

we will soon release updates to some of our XF 1 products to be used with XenForo 2.1.x and above.

Those products will be released as separate products, because XF 2 is a completely different platform and the description and features of our products may be different between the versions for XF 1 and XF2.

However, if you have purchased a license for one of our XF 1 products in the past (or even do purchase it now), we will grant you the same license for our XF 2 product also. Which means, if you want to upgrade to the XF 2 product, you only have to pay the renewal price (if your support period has ended). We do not have an automatic process in place, so if you want to upgrade to XF2, please simply open a support ticket and we will create a license for you to renew.

If both products for XF 1 and XF 2 are currently for sale and have different prices, licenses for both platforms will be provided only, if you purchase the product with the higher price. Otherwise the license is restricted to the platform you purchase.

If you have any questions about this upgrade policy, please open a support ticket.

That you,

your WebMachine Team