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Double Post Merge (1.x) Issues...


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One thing I noticed is that on our forum, we have a 300 minute period where posts should be merged. After these 300 minutes as set in the wmtech options, posts should not be merged. This functionality does not actually seem to work for us. I'm not sure if there's a conflict with another mod but I do not see any errors or anything (and a conflict might not generate one tbh) but I can confirm that posts which shouldn't be merged based on time, still are being merged.

Another thing is that post made on Tapatalk are not merged.

Lastly, another thing with Tapatalk, is that the bbcode which creates a separator for merged posts, shows up in Tapatalk as the bbcode itself, not a divider or anything. Is there an easy way to hook this bbcode in to work with Tapatalk?

Obviously the last two issues I could speak with tapatalk about as well but I think getting a fix done may be easier at this end instead of tapatalk's. But either way, the first thing mentioned is my largest concern.



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in case of problems, please open a support ticket. We are here to help! Looking at your description of the problem, it could also be a configuration mistake. If you open a ticket we can look into it.

Regarding Tapatalk: We do NOT recommend running this add-on (or any other of our add-ons) with Tapatalk active on your forum. Such problems are expected because Tapatalk does not respect XenForo coding and there is nothing we can do about it.