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Copyright & Branding Information:

All our add-ons (except where noticed otherwise) feature a small and short line with branding and copyright information at the bottom of every page at the XenForo board it is installed. This line is linked to our sales and support site (the link opens in a new window and does not transfer your user away from your site).

It is not allowed to tamper with this notice in any way, neiter can it be changed nor adapted.
You are allowed to use CSS to change the place it appears or the color to show it at dark web site backgrounds.
In general the same restrictions apply as for the original XenForo branding and copyright notice.

This is an example of our copyright notice:


The notice is responsive (just like the original XenForo notice) and changes to a smaller version with viewports < 480 pixel. This is how it looks like at small screens:


The copyright and branding notice is shown only once even if you've several of our add-ons installed.

Copyright & Branding Removal Informations:

You may purchase an additional "Branding Removal License" for each of our products. You can add it to your initial add-on purchase or buy it later using the tools provided and shown in the "Your Licenses" page in the "Products" section of our web site. Just select the license you want the branding removed and purchase the Branding Removal License with our shopping cart.

Please note, that 1 Branding Removal License is valid only for 1 licensed add-on at the specific licensed XenForo board.

If you have more than 1 add-on from us installed at a XenForo board, you need a Branding Removal License for each of the installed add-ons to get the branding & copyright notice completely removed.

If you've 3 or more add-ons from us installed a a board and want the branding removed, you should purchase a "Total Branding Removal License". This special license removes the copyright and branding notice from your board, no matter how many add-ons from us are installed.

Please contact us if you need more than 1 Branding Removal or Total Branding Removal Licenses for more than 1 add-on or more than 1 board url. We provide decent discounts in such cases.