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Changed Registration Process To Access Our Site


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Due to a lot of fake registrations and professional downloaders (=piracy prevention), we unfortunatelly had to change the registration process to this site as follows:
  • All registrations will be checked by our staff and have to be approved manually before becoming a regular member at our site (with purchasing and download rights). Registrations will not be approved if the requested data in the registration form is faked or incomplete.
  • In addition all registrations from users of certain countries have to be manually processed by our staff after contacting us via our support ticket system. If you are located in one of those countries you'll get a notice about the necessary steps when you try to register.
We are very sorry about this change, because it means that our potential customers sometimes will have to wait for several hours until they'll be able to buy and/or download add-ons from us.

We also had to delete 23 of our currently 82 users and revoke all of their licenses because of false license information.

Please take the registration and licensing process very seriously, even if you do not have to pay anything for some of our products. Thank you!

We hope you understand we need to protect our code and work.

Thank you.