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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I cannot find Double Post Merge anywhere in your store. Where is it? 831 Views

    Double Post Merge ist now named [WMTech] Double Post Merge.
  2. Your free add-ons are still free, but the license to it expires in 6 months. What happens when the license expires? 817 Views

    Even if the license needs to be renewed if you want to download the free product again after 6...
  3. When I activate a license, what would I set the license url to? 817 Views

    You should set the license to the URL of the XenForo forum you intend to use our add-on.
  4. Is there a way to restore ip information for a user with permission "Do Not Store Any IP Information"? 751 Views

    No, there is not. Users with such permissions are assigned to a fake ip address (
  5. What happens if I uninstall this add-on? 747 Views

    XenForo continues to work per default. Users with hidden ip information can be seen again. And...
  6. Is this add-on compatible with the official XenForo Media Gallery ad-on? 744 Views

    Yes, this add-on is fully compatible with that add-on.
  7. Does this add-on prevent other add-ons with location detection to work correctly? 719 Views

    If you use other add-ons with features showing your location (eg. "Country Flags" by snog) those...
  8. Is there a way to restore ip information for a user with permission "Hide IP Address"? 709 Views

    Yes, users with such permissions are handled like all other users and the original ip...
  9. I do not want to show the security hint to my members. How can I disable it? 697 Views

    Just deactivate the modification "Add Security Hint to Upload Form" in ACP > Appearance >...
  10. Why can't I see exif information from all attachments in ACP? 688 Views

    The link to see exif information is only shown at attachments where any exif information was...