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[WMTech] User Self Delete PRO - Product specifications

Allow your users to delete their own account with professional admin features
[WMTech] User Self Delete PRO
This add-on allows your members to delete their own account at your XenForo forum. The ability to delete their own account is controlled by a user group permission. If they have permission, they can see a link to a page in account settings and -optionally- also in account navigation drop down menu where they can request the deletion of their own forum account.

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Feature Summary
  • "Delete Your Account" Added to Your Users Account Settings
  • Grace Period before Account is Actually Deleted
  • Send Confirmation Mail after Deletion Request
  • Send Reminder Mail to Users 1 Day before Deletion
  • Activate Conversation AutoResponder for Users in Grace Period
  • Disable Personal Conversations for Users in Grace Period
  • Ask Users Why They Delete Their Account
  • Notify Admin about Deletion
  • Change User Title of Users in Grace Period
  • Detailed Log of Pending and Processed Deletion Requests
  • Auto Clear Deletion Log
  • Allow Admin to Cancel any Deletion Request
  • Upgrade from LITE transfers all data automatically
  • Change Content Attribution For Deleted Users

Product Information

XenForo 1
WebMachine Tech.
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3 Months
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6 Months
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1 Day

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