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[WMTech] Rolling Message Counter - Product specifications

Start Your Active User Promotion System with True Revolving Counters for Several Timespans
[WMTech] Rolling Message Counter
Rolling Message Count is an add-on that adds several true revolving message counters to your XenForo forum where you and your users always can see how many messages they wrote within the current calendar month, the month before the current month and the month second to the last month. Also it provides a counter for each member for all messages posted within the last year from today. Another counter is a customizable counter where you can setup any timespan in days back from today. Messages during this timespan will be counted also.

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Feature Summary
  • Counts Messages Current Month for Each User
  • Counts Messages Last Month for Each User
  • Counts Messages Second Last Month for Each User
  • Counts Messages Last Year From Today for Each User
  • Counts Messages For a Custom Period for Each User
  • Shows Counts in Profile Page, Member Card and Postbit (configurable)
  • All Counters Can be Used as Criteria For Usergroup Promotions
  • Notable Member Page Statistics For All 5 Counters
  • Includes Widget Framework Widgets
  • Created Carefully with Large & Professional Forums in Mind

Product Information

XenForo 1
WebMachine Tech.
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3 Months
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6 Months
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1 Day

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