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[WMTech] Exif Location Data Remover - Product specifications

Protect Your Users By Removing Hidden Location Content From Attachments
[WMTech] Exif Location Data Remover
Exif Data Remover is an essential tool for professional XenForo boards to protect their users. Nowadays with GPS connected smartphones used to shoot photos, most pictures include hidden meta data (called "Exif" for "Exchangeable Image File Format") with information about the exact location where the photo was made (beside of other information). Many people do not even know that each uploaded photo made with their smartphone will give all people viewing the photo easy access to their real location!

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Feature Summary
  • Removes Hidden Location Data
  • Works with Thread Posts, Conversation Messages, Avatars
  • Works with XenForo Media Gallery
  • Works with Showcase
  • Optionally Stores removed Exif Data Separately
  • Exif Data Viewer in ACP
  • Security Hint In Uploader
  • Compatible with All Well-Coded Add-Ons

Product Information

XenForo 1
WebMachine Tech.
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3 Months
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6 Months
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1 Day

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