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[WMTech] Link Essentials 1.1.0

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> Version 1.1.0 <

Huge Update With a Lot Of New Features, Code Enhancements and 2 Bugfixes!

This upgrade is recommended for all customers.


NEW: Locally Cached Favicons Displayed With External Links

NEW: User Group Permissions For Displaying Favicons

NEW: Rebuild Tool To Mass Prune Problematic Screenshots

NEW: Manually Delete Any Screenshot From The Screenshot Proxy Log Page

NEW: Renamed "Preview" To "Screenshot" In All Phrases

NEW: Enhancement Of Title Auto-Detection (XenForo >= 1.5)

NEW: Improved Charset Handling Of Title Auto-Detection (XenForo <= 1.4)

NEW: Removed XenForo Proxy Link Activation Dependency

NEW: Support Of "Screenshot Machine" Service Provider

NEW: Enable/Disable 10 Different Locations For Screenshots And Favicons Display

NEW: Set Maximum Length For Auto-Detected Linked Page Title

NEW: Place Favicon On Left Or Right Side Of Link

NEW: Optionally Show External Link Marker

NEW: Embed Screenshot As Image Into First Post Of Threads

NEW: Select Forums To Embed Screenshots Into First Post Of Threads

NEW: Optimized Install And Uninstall Code

NEW: Support For All User Generated Content (Incl. Comments & Profile Posts)

NEW: Disable Screenshots And Favicons In Signatures

NEW: Temporary Info Images Automatically Support EN, FR, ES and DE Languages

NEW: Enhanced External Link Validation To Minimize Problems With Screenshots

NEW: Enhanced Error Reporting In Screenshot Proxy Log

BUGFIX: Problem With Empty Link Interstitial Whitelist

BUGFIX: Prevent Rare Occurrences Of Creating Screenshots For Local Pages

Upgrade Instructions:
[wmtech] Link Essentials - Manual, Instructions & Installation / Upgrade Guide

We strongly recommend to use the "File Health Check" tool from your ACP after updating to check for any errors!

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