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Knowledge Base of: [WMTech] Deleted Usernames Protector - FAQ

  1. Does Deleted Usernames Protector work with all third party username change add-ons? 716 Views

    Yes. Protected usernames will be denied to be changed to.
  2. A user had his account deleted and now wants to recreate it with the same username. How can I handle this with Deleted Usernames Protector? 658 Views

    This can be done in 2 ways. First you can always register new users with protected usernames as...
  3. I want no deleted usernames to be registered ever again. How can I do this in Deleted Usernames Protector? 648 Views

    No problem, just set "Retention Days" in the options of this add-on in your XenForo ACP to "0".
  4. I want all deleted usernames to be available for registration again. How can I do this with Deleted Usernames Protector? 637 Views

    No problem, there is an option for that ("Refresh Database").