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[WMTech] Professional Plugin Bundle 1.0.0

Gett All Our WMTech Plugins For A Special Price

Product Details

Get licenses for all [WMTech] plugins (total worth $354) for a discounted, low price!

This is a temporary discounted (more than -30%) bundle offer, available only for a short time until further notice.

If you purchase this bundle, you get a license for all those professional XenForo add-ons for one (1) licensed domain (site):
  1. [WMTech] Sticky Multiple Account Info
  2. [WMTech] Link Essentials
  3. [WMTech] User Blocking System
  4. [WMTech] Realtime Chat Conversations
  5. [WMTech] Rolling Message Counter
  6. [WMTech] User Self Delete PRO
  7. [WMTech] Attachment Manager
  8. [WMTech] Hide IP Essentials
  9. [WMTech] YouTube Integration Essentials
  10. [WMTech] Exif Location Data Remover
  11. [WMTech] Deleted Usernames Protector
  12. [WMTech] Personal Like Statistics
  13. [WMTech] Sticky User Banning
  14. [WMTech] XF License Validator PRO
If you purchase the "Branding Free License" option the branding for all the those (free) add-ons will also be removed for the licensed domain:
  1. [WMTech] Custom Field Error Enhancer
  2. [WMTech] Create New Thread Global
  3. [WMTech] External Link Interstitial
  4. [WMTech] Double Post Merge
  5. [WMTech] Social Share Privacy
If you purchase the "Multiple Sites License" option, the licenses are extended to all domains you own (max 10 sites). Also the "Branding Free License" option (if purchased) will be extended to all your licensed domains.

Important Information About The Order Process:

If you want to order this bundle (and any of it's options), please click "Add To Cart" on the right of this page. Purchase the shopping cart using your credit card or Paypal. Your payment data will be verified and processed by our payment provider (Paypal). If verified, the total amount of your purchase will be authorized from your credit card or Paypal account but not immediately charged.

All orders of this bundle will have to be manually verified and accepted by us (according to our license terms we do not issue licenses anonymously, so we have to check your WMTech account data and identity). This may take up to 24 hours. Only after we accept the purchase the paid amount will be charged from your credit card or PayPal account and the licenses will be added to your account here.

After this purchase (including the manual approvement process) has been completed, you will be able to download the plugins from your licenses page at this site.
  • All orders are manually inspected and approved by our staff
  • Approval process may take up to 24 hours after ordering (no immediate download)
  • Funds are charged only after your order has been accepted by our staff


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